Is this real? In Turkmenistan prohibit the sale of cigarettes online. Had never heard of any country have the courage to fully ban the sale of cheap cigarettes. While everyone knows that cigarettes are not a good thing, it is harmful, but still a lot of people are keen on wholesale cigarettes charm. Turkmenistan is now completely banned the sale of cigarettes, and I believe a lot of people are still very happy to implement this measure, but those smokers who would be sad, because they can no longer buy Marlboro or Newport cigarettes legally in Turkmenistan. Although the ban on smoking is most people call, but there are still a few people will not comply with the provisions of this. With Turkmenistan's ban on sales of cigarettes by battle, those plan to visit Turkmen smoking tourists and have to bring their own Marlboro gold cigarettes. At the same time, the anti smoking campaign has also been the rise of tobacco black newport 100s market, 1 boxes of cigarettes at a price of up to $12, some stores will be secretly sold to familiar with the customer. If you find an illegal cheap cigarette trade, will be fined $1700, which is how severe punishment. Turkmenistan's anti smoking policy has been very severe, they increased cigarette consumption tax in 2013, in 2011 to prohibit smoking in public places, 2015 only allowed to carry 2 boxes of cigarettes wholesale per person entry.According to the International Health Organization data, Turkmenistan is the lowest smoking rate in the world. Turkmenistan's official media reports, Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov in the recently held a working meeting of government attention to strengthen the quality of supervision of imported cigarettes, stressed that it is related to the health of the people, tobacco market regulation division as follows: Turkmenistan trade and foreign economic liaison department is responsible for issuing the license of import and sale of tobacco; Turkmenistan health and medical industry, Turkmenistan standard metering service management bureau is responsible for the importation of tobacco quality certificate issued, the implementation of the dual supervision of the two departments. Turkmenistan super strict anti smoking campaign, I believe that many smokers will not stand, can not afford such expensive cigarettes, they will want to quit smoking, but really can not quit the people can buy Newport Menthol cigarettes from abroad, we are here to provide super cheap Marlboro cigarettes and Newport Cigarettes, you can come here. To see such a strict implementation of the ban on smoking in the country, I really sincerely feel admiration, if China can enforce the implementation of cigarettes for sale such smoking cigarettes activities, then our people will be more healthy. But it seems that this is difficult in China to implement anti-smoking wholesale cigarettes program, because China's large population, smoking discount cigarette is also a lot of people, at the same time, tobacco is also a large part of the Chinese government's revenue, so in China, can only say try to reduce the number of smokers, effective improving the quality of smokers and reduce the harm of smoking. Anyway, I believe that one day in the future, people will pay more attention to their own health, rather than Marlboro cigarettes. Smoking is now able to hear the good news, but also a lot of people are looking forward to something, or to be happy.

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