Do you know the difference between Wholesale cigarettes and cigars? The difference between cigars and Cheap cigarettes, do you know? I would like everyone to know that the price of cigars is more expensive than Newport cigarettes, which is a difference, right, this is only a difference, but this is only the most superficial difference, from the deep level of view, you know? Marlboro Red Cigarettes Cigars and cigarettes are still essential distinction. The most important distinction between cigars and discount Newport cigarettes, cigars "YTDFSGFGCUEYFA" can be said of the human body injury is minimal, or even harmless. Its nicotine content is the lowest of all tobacco, less than two percent. And cigars are absolutely pure and natural, and do not add any chemicals. Cigar and the biggest difference between cigarettes,Newport online cigarettes Menthol cigarettes will not be long after the mold, the taste will not rise; but the cigar in the appropriate temperature and humidity, can be long-term possession. A collection of three to four marlboro red years of cigars, tobacco flavor can play to the extreme. A newly made Cuban cigar smells like the fire of youth, with the passage of time, will gradually mellow flavor. The good cigar smoke does not have the phlegm, moreover also has the function of relieving cough and phlegm. Therefore, people often smoke cigars will not spit, this is because he has nothing to spit. A good cigar tobacco plant does not allow adding chemical fertilizer, in the volume of tobacco must after long time accumulation of fermentation to remove tobacco miscellaneous taste and smell of smoke, tobacco in spontaneous combustion during the aging process, harmful ingredients continually being degraded, tobacco became flexible, flavor also become mellow fullness. marlboro goldIn addition, a good cigar burning temperature is 100 degrees lower than the paper cigarette, generally at about 700 degrees --750 degrees, the amount of sugar is lower than other tobacco, so the harmful components of cigar smoke is far lower than other. A fine cigar smoke in the smoking process can't afford any artificial aroma and taste, the only natural tobacco cigar plump mellow aroma. This is because of the whole process of producing a good cigar from tobacco leaf to roll into a cigar. It is prohibited to use any chemical additives, and the adhesive must also be used in the production of pure natural plants. A good cigar to eat bitter in the sweet and bitter in the former, sweet in the post, just right, let you say no bitter or sweet, like people drink coffee, from his bitter enjoy the plump mellow aroma, sweet and delicious taste. A good cigar is bitter and sweet mix in its plump mellow aroma and long aftertaste in comfort. Reading cigar production process above, you'll know why the expensive cigars than cheap Newport cigarettes. Usually the rich will choose cigars, healthier, and more mellow. But the people have no money, can only choose smoke Newport cigarettes online, even though many toxic substances in cigarettes, but the chronic poison is not always allow people to be vigilant. If you want to buy cheaper cigarettes, cigarette here will surely satisfy your needs.

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